Vapor blasting (also known as hydro, or wet blasting) is the perfect solution to clean and restore alloy, brass or magnesium automotive engine and gearbox parts such as cylinder heads, inlet manifolds, carburetors, crank cases, wheel hubs, rocker covers, brackets, covers, bolts and nuts, master cylinders, calipers, rotors, and much more. Ferrous materials can also be cleaned.

Vapor blasting is the safest way to clean and remove grime, oxidation and tarnishing without removing any of the underlying metal or substrate. The air pressure used is quite low at about 40 psi and due to the water cushioning the impact the abrasive does not impregnate the surface and will not compromise any critical dimensions of delicate parts and soft metals so it is perfect for restoring automotive and motorcycle parts leaving stampings, machining marks, bearing mounts, gasket faces, threads, etc unaltered.